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Make the Music Flow - Jazz choir, Tempus Choral, Tempus4Us

Mon, 20 Jun 2022

Make the Music Flow

Songs From Our Living Room - Jazz choir, Tempus Choral, Tempus4Us

Tue, 11 May 2021
"We're thrilled to show you our Spring Concert, Songs From Our Living Room! 

This concert starts with a Pre-show, simulating your arrival to a concert venue. It counts down to showtime, while giving you a glimpse of the song program for the event.

The pre-show includes 6 of our great past performances, starting with the song, very appropriate for our times, "Don't Get Around Much Anymore", sung by Tempus Jazz.

So, start the concert, turn the volume up, grab a drink and some snacks, and settle in to enjoy the concert, from our living room to yours!

00:00 - Pre-show
19:21 - Opening remarks (Geri Tino & Carlos Díaz)
22:33 - 1. "O Canada!" by Lavallée from 2019 Spring performance (TCS and T4U) 
25:53 - Music Director's remarks (Brian Turnbull)
27:04 - Intro to Tempus Jazz & Tempus4Us 2019 Spring performance with Jazz Ensemble, (Marcus Moschella)
28:04 - 2. "Duke's Place" by Ellington, Katz, Roberts, & Thiele 
30:51 - Intro to the Tempus4Us new video (Adele Moschella) 
31:59 - 3. "That Dixieland Sound!" by Besig & Price 
34:05 - Intro to Tempus Jazz 2019 Spring performance with Jazz Ensemble (Michelle Logue)
34:22 - 4. "So Danço Samba" by Jobim, DeMoraes, Gimbel, arr. Emerson
37:21 - Intro to Tempus Moderne's spring 2020 virtual choir video (Joyce Pacaba)
38:06 - 5. "When the Earth Stands Still" by Don Macdonald, performed by Tempus Moderne
41:27 - 6. "Homeward Bound" by Marta Keen Thompson, performed by Lori Chen, with intro
44:42 - 7. "Rainy Day People" by Gordon Lightfoot, performed by Paul Schlatman, with intro 
47:43 - 8. "Angels Among Us" by Don Goodman and Becky Hobbs, performed by Ashley Maizen, with intro
52:17 - 9. "Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart" by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, performed by Shardie Stevenson and Paul Schlatman, with intro
56:30 - 10. "Slow Boat to China" by Frank Loesser, performed by Heidi Heaver, with intro
59:02 - Intro to 4 over 40’s Summer 2020 performance (Jeff Bonnell) 
59:27 - 11. Up the Ladder to the Roof by Wilson & DiMirco, arr. The Nylons
1:01:58 - Intro to 2018 travel choir's performance at St Nicholas in Prague, July 2018,(Gary Frazer)
1:03:39 - 12. O Love! by Hagenberg 
1:07:24 - Intro to pop-up performance in Europe, Residenzplatz, Saltzburg July 2018, (Betty Turzer)
1:08:23 - 13. Hallelujah! by Cohen
1:11:04 - Intro to Tempus Jazz virtual choir video (Heidi Heaver) 
1:11:46 - 14. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square by Sherwin & Maschwitz, arr. Billingsley 
1:14:44 - Intro to Tempus Choral Society virtual choir video (Brian Turnbull) 
1:16:46 - 15. Loch Lomond Traditional, arr. Miller 
1:19:59 - Closing remarks (Geri Tino & Carlos Díaz)

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